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FlattEar Me

Project by Ramona Caprariu, Kylie Caraway, and Sana Shepko 


*Exhibited at OCAD U's Open Show '18


FlattEar Me is a wearable device that takes the form of earmuffs. FlattEar Me’s literally keep you warm and fuzzy at all times, from the large, wool earmuffs, to the sweet sounding compliments whispered in your ear. When feeling distressed or looking for reassurance, the user presses the button behind their ear and a compliment will play.


FlattEar Me is made for users of all ages. They are best used in cold weather. FlattEar Me’s are most often used outside, during commutes, and in solitude. Compliments play as little or as often as desired; the user is in control of the admiration given.

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